Legal Notice

Due to safety reasons we are not permitted to:

  • dispense any medications but can monitor medication being taken from a webster pack.
  • cut finger/toe nails.
  • Lift of physically move clients without mechanical lifting aids
  • Staff are not permitted to use any ladders or work beyond their safe reach.

Working Environment

We also have a legal obligation to ensure a safe working environment for our staff, on our first visit to your home we will complete a workplace assessment to identify any possible hazards and request that you work with staff to address any issues that may come up.


We also request that your home remains a smoke free environment whilst our staff are present.

General Privacy

We respect your privacy and confidentiality and will make every effect to protect any of your information. We also request that you also treat Ur Choice staff with respect and dignity at all times.


We appreciate any opportunity to improve our service and appreciate receiving any feedback – so please let us know how you found our service and any improvements we could make.


Hawkesbury and surrounds